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A Pioneer in Commercial Parking Sensors across Melbourne

The motive behind any business is profitability, and so if you have to bear the loss due to the collision of your commercial vehicles, it is none less than a bad dream. We select the type of sensors which suit the bumpers of your vehicle. We are sure that you won’t receive any false alarms from our parking systems.

Financial loss can still be handled, but if any harm occurs to the driver or any other person, you can do nothing but regret. If reading this has triggered your mind to implement the effective solutions for avoiding such mishaps, contact us today, and secure your personnel and fleet. All the parking accessories used by us are tested by our team to ensure that they match the industry standards and give complete safety and reliability.

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Our highlights:

  • Convenience: Control unit is mounted in a way which is best for your vehicle.
  • Appearance:  Sensors are coloured in the same shade as your vehicle to retain its look.
  • Warranty:       Lifetime warranty is provided for our products and workmanship.

We are the reputed company for parking sensor installation, truck camera system, and other services in Melbourne.

Reverse parking protection for the assets in your world

Add on mini stalk reverse camera (optional) for complete safety. We install front and rear sensors of outstanding quality on all types and sizes of commercial vehicles. With the detection capacity of 1600 horizontally and 700 vertically, our sensors assure you of not striking into any object or human being.


  • Reverse with increased safety and confidence at home and at work
  • Safer parking, especially in tight situations
  • Helps prevent accidental damage when parking
  • Provides side protection for narrow lanes or garages


  • 170 degree view angle
  • Water resistant
  • 90.6-14 volt