Reversing sensors by Selmax Motors Australia’s Best Parking Systems.

How does the “Selmax Motors” sensor system work?

The “Selmax Motors” Parking Sensor is a accurate ultrasonic device which monitors the distance from your vehicle to potential obstacles in your blind spot. This distance is indicated by a sequence of beeps through a Piezo beeper (in some cases also by an optional digital display). The closer the obstacle the faster the sequence of beeps, until a continuous tone is emitted indicating that your vehicle is now within 30cm of an obstacle.

The “Selmax Motors” Ultrasonic Reverse Parking Sensor System electronically scans the area behind your vehicle during reversing procedures and acoustically alarms you to other vehicles or objects within close proximity.


Reverse with increased safety and confidence. Faster and easier parking, especially in tight situations. Easier to park in wet conditions or dim lit areas at night. Helps prevent accident damage when parking. Provides side protection for narrow lanes or garages.

rear sensors

Coverage Pattern

“Selmax Motors sensor systems. No blind spots!

car rear sensors

Selmax Motors_rear_parking_sensors_coverage_pattern

Alert Zones

“Selmax Motors” reversing sensors systems have 4 zones and have different  tones for each of them.  This makes “Selmax Motors” very user friendly.

car rear sensors

Selmax Motors_rear_parking_sensor_system_operation

Tow Bar Zone

For vehicles fitted with a tow bar, “Selmax Motors” control modules feature an adjustable extended zone which allows the system to ‘see’ past the obstruction by pushing the start of the first zone out by 30cm. Refer Diagrams below.

auto rear sensors

Selmax Motors_rear_parking_sensors_tow_bar_extended_zone

Other Brands

Why choose Selmax Motors?

All “Selmax Motors” parking systems, whether they utilise 2 or 4 sensor heads, are free from the ‘blind spots’ typically found in low quality sensor kits with narrow detection zones.

Our Sensors do not create blind spots as Selmax Motors sensor heads have 160° horizontal and 70° vertical detection zones. Multiply this by 4 sensors and the coverage is the best in the world. The ability to detect a 30mm pole is the industry standard.

Other Brands sensor coverage

Typically, other brands do not even compare. The diagram above illustrates the coverage that most of our competitor’s ultrasonic systems achieve:

Due to their low cost designs most other parking sensors can only offer 90° wide detection zones therefore creating numerous ‘Blind spots’ behind the vehicle. Your child might be playing in one of these blind spots!

Yes there are cheaper alternatives but as the saying goes “You get what you pay for!”

Insist on the BEST…Ask for “Selmax Motors”. Australia’s best reversing sensors.